Society of Rambling Ringers
St Oswald
Wednesday, 18 August 2021 in 2h 41 (8–3–26)
5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
(7 methods; one extent each: 1. York, 2. London, 3. Beverley, 4. Surfleet, 5. Bourne, 6. Norwich, 7. Cambridge.)
1 Paul Sharp
2 Lynda M Lazzerini
3 Philip R Wild
4 H Geoffrey Wells
5 Christopher C P Woodcock (C)
6 R Kingsley Mason
Arranged and rung to mark the Society’s 70th anniversary. Remembering particularly our founder John E ‘Jack’ Cook.
It was on this day in 1951 in the Churchyard at Horbling Lincs that the first meeting of the Society was held and the Society was formally established, Horbling being the final tower of the first tour held. The founding members were John E ‘Jack’ Cook (elected as the first Ringing Master), Margaret A Swann ‘Parker’ (elected as the first Hon Secretary), Nancie M Swann ‘Colley’, J Robin Worsdall, Bryan S Cope, J Martin Thorley, Patrick I Chapman, Hugh Longland & Jannet Simpson.
Today’s peal replicates the Society’s first six bell peal (rung on tower bells) which was rung on 31st March 1962 at Branston Lincs in the same seven methods, conducted by John E Cook.
Kingsley rang in the 1962 peal at Branston. Today’s peal was conducted by the present Ringing Master.
Sadly both Horbling & Branston bells are out of action at present and so the peal could not be attempt at either tower.
This is Geoff's 70th peal for the Society (and he is still the leading peal ringer for the Society).
Also rung as a birthday compliment for today to Geoff Wells and wedding anniversary compliment to Kingsley & Rosemary Mason for yesterday!
(No. 118)

This performance is linked to the event THE SOCIETY OF RAMBLING RINGERS — 70th Anniversary Grand Summer Reunion .

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