Suffolk Guild
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
2 Castle Rd
Monday, 14 June 2021 (12 in F)
1280 Spliced Plain Major (2m)
1024 Plain, 256 Little: 16 com
1–2 Rowan P Wilson
3–4 Jed Flatters
5–6 Alan P Mayle
7–8 Brian E Whiting (C)
Marking 150 years since the death of Henry Hobart from Bildeston. Although small in stature he rang the tenor at Lavenham to a peal over 6000 changes (recorded on a peal board) and he called the first peal at Bildeston in 1841.
Church Bells 1871 p471 - Death of a Veteran Ringer.
On Wednesday evening, June 14th, Mr. Henry Hobart, well known as an excellent ringer, and one whose knowledge of the theory of ringing was most extensive, died at Bildeston, Suffolk, in the 72nd year of his age, after three days’ illness. Having the gift of a superior ear, and his father being a ringer, his attention became directed to that art at a very early age: he could whistle many peals with his mouth to exact time and tune. When a boy, he had a stage made to stand on in the belfry, so that he could reach the tuft of the rope; and when weighing himself only four stone, he rang the second bell in Bildeston steeple 720 changes,the bell weighing 7 cwt. After he grew to manhood he used frequently to visit various towns, and took a part in the most difficult peals. He rang two peals at Stowmarket, one Oxford Treble Bob, the other Bob Major (one 5040 and the other 5000 changes), he rang the tenor at Hadleigh two peals, about the same length ; weight of tenor, 28 cwt.:in Bildeston steeple he rang the tenor seven different peals in succession,viz. Bob Minor, Court Bob, Oxford Treble Bob, Kent Treble Bob,London Pleasure, Morning Exercise, and Cambridge Surprise. As a last tribute of respect to his memory, muffled peals were rung at Hitcham, Stowmarket, Lavenham, and Monks Eleigh. E. L. P