Ringing Room
St Christopher's
Friday, 4 June 2021
1264 Marie Curie Day Of Reflection Bob Major
Arranged by Jonathan A Agg
1 Isabel Hitchings
2 Sue Marsden
3 Sue Sawyer
4 Barbara Pettit
5 Lindsay Powell
6 Simon Beirne
7 Nick Elks
8 Reg Hitchings (C)
Believed to be the 1st quarter peal in the method pn x.18.x.38.x.1238.12.38 le 12. If correct the band would like to name it 'Marie Curie Day of Reflection Bob Major'. An unsuccessful attempt was rung on 23/3/2021 when internet failure caused a failure.
This performance was rung using simulated sound. Performed on a virtual ringing platform.