St Thomas' Society
Ringing Room, UK
Tuesday, 30 March 2021 in 47m
1440 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor (7m)
(7m: 2 extents each containing 216 Rhyl Surprise; 144 Appleby Surprise; 108 Joe's Delight, Minehead Surprise; 72 St Thomas Surprise; 36 Ben and Ellen's Wedding Day Surprise, Darton Exercise Delight; 38 com)
1 Sandra Y Alford (Horsham)
2 Andrew P Deamer (Wells)
3 Michael E Ovenden (Danbury)
4 Jeremy D Alford (Horsham)
5 Phillip R J Barnes (Platt)
6 Elizabeth A Barnes (Platt)
Jointly conducted by all. Method rung for the first time: Ben and Ellen's Wedding Day Surprise: 36-36.14-12-36-14-56,12 (London over Cambridge). In anticipation of the wedding of Ben Barnes and Ellen Phillipson.
This performance was rung using simulated sound. Performed on a virtual ringing platform.

This performance is linked to the event The Wedding of Ben Barnes and Ellen Phillipson .

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