St Leonard
Tuesday, 27 March 1984 in 8h 22 (28–1–14)
12000 Middlesex Surprise Royal
Composed by Composed by Roger Baldwin
1 Elisabeth A G Bowden
2 Elizabeth A Hibbert
3 Ian Roulstone
4 Geraldine R Lea
5 Frances Bates
6 Alan Regin
7 Graham A Duke
8 Roger Baldwin (C)
9 Ian G Campbell
10 John P Loveless
Longest length in the method. Rung on the 200th anniversary of 12,000 Oxford Treble Bob Royal rung in this tower by SRCY, March 27, 1784.
Umpires: Ray East, Nicola Crichton, Philip Barnes, Robert L Piron, Simon Brown, Gwen Rogers.
RW 1984.0430
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