Ringing Room, (UK and USA)
Tuesday, 30 March 2021 in 54m
1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
1 Christine B J de Cordova (Whitehaven)
2 Barbara D Murray (Preston)
3 Joseph A Sharp (Hook)
4 David B Wilson (Vancouver, WA)
5 Rosemary J Humphrey (Redditch)
6 Alison T Merryweather-Clarke (North Leigh)
7 Sue Portsmouth (Sonning)
8 Simon J O Head (Bletchley) (C)
Celebrating restored vision for Chris, and the anniversary of the first Quarter Peal on Ringing Room with thanks to Bryn and Leland for bringing us all together.
First in m: 4,5.
First on 8 in Ringing Room: 1.
First surprise major on Ringing Room: 3,6,7, and as C.
This performance was rung using simulated sound. Performed on a virtual ringing platform..

This performance is linked to the event The Bellerophons — Ringing by online group