Saint Andrew's and All Saints Society
St Andrew's Church
Thursday, 25 March 2021 in 42m (6–3–24)
1260 Culfrey Singles
(Rung on the back three bells 4,5,6)
4–5 Christopher C P Woodcock (C)
6 Yvonne A Woodcock
The Annual Culfrey Quarter Peal.
Rung on the back three (the original three) on Lady Day to mark the end of the ringing of the Culfrey Bell (the tenor) each evening at 7pm between Michaelmas Day & Lady Day, a local tradition dating back to the seventeenth century to help guide lost travellers off the heath to the safety of the village.
Prior to the start of the quarter the Culfrey Bell (the tenor) was rung at 7pm for 10 mins.
Circled the tower (and as conductor) 62 times to quarter peals, since the bells were rehung and augmented in Sept 2004: 4-5.
The ringing took place by a single household with social distancing observed and all the ringers wearing face coverings. Rung from our ground floor ringing chamber with the tower door to the outside fully open.
(No. 483) (Rung also for the Lincoln Diocesan Guild)