National Cathedral Church of St Patrick
Tuesday, 28 May 1901 in 3h 56 (45–1–18 in C)
5017 Stedman Caters
Composed by Gabriel Lindoff
1 William Short
2 John S Goldsmith
3 George R Pye
4 Isaac G Shade
5 William Pye (C)
6 Richard R Cherry
7 Gabriel Lindoff
8 James George
9 Ernest Pye
10 William H Barber
First peal of Stedman Caters on the bells
Source - W Pye peal book

Bell News, Vol. 20, p.69. ’This composition has the 6th 23 courses behind the 9th, in the tittums and the extent behind the 8th in the hand-stroke home position, and is now rung for the first time.’