Chester Diocesan Guild
Ringing Room, Cheshire and Cornwall
Friday, 19 February 2021
1264 Plain Bob Major
CKLewis (adapted)
1 Mervyn J Harrison (Holmes Chapel)
2 Caroline M Beckett (Mornick, Cornwall)
3 John F Murfin(Holmes Chapel) (C)
4 John F Murfin (Holmes Chapel)
5 Christopher A Beckett (Mornick, Cornwall)
6 George T Basford (Crewe)
7 William L Hall (Holmes Chapel)
8 David G Farrar (Congleton)
First 8 bell QP in the VRR for all except 2 and 5
Rung within 24 hours of the successful landing on Mars of the robot 'Perseverance'.
This performance was rung using simulated sound.
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