Kington & Presteigne, Herefordshire & Powys
Thursday, 18 February 2021 (10 in F♯)
1296 Spliced Minimus (68p)
24 each All Revved Up with No Place to Go, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Animals, Atom Heart Mother, Back Into Hell, Bat Out Of Hell, Black Magic Woman, Blind As A Bat, Dead Ringer For Love, Don't Stop Dreams, Everything Louder Than Everything Else, Heaven Can Wait, Hold Me, Hot Summer Night, I'd Do Anything For Love, It Just Won't Quit, Little Lies, Meddle, Monday Morning, Never Going Back Again, Original Sin, Out Of The Frying Pan, Rattlesnake Shake, Sad Angel, Sands Of Time, Say You Will, Sentimental Lady, Sharp Dressed Man, Silver Springs, Station Man, The Chain, The Dark Side of the Moon, The Division Bell, The Wall, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, Where Angels Sing, Wish You Were Here, You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth, Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper; 12 each A Saucerful of Secrets, Afterburner, Antenna, By Strength and Guile, Degüello, El Loco, Eliminator, Enimatek, Fandango!, Five-Six, Ketamine, La Futura, Mescalero, More, Mourhino, Obscured By Clouds, Recycler, Rhythmeen, Rio Grande Mud, Six-Five, Tejas, The Endless River, The Final Cut, The Piper At The Gates of Dawn, Tres Hombres, Ummagumma, Who Dares Wins, XXX; 77 cop.
1–2 Geoff Cowling
3–4 Lynn Scales (C)
Most principles rung in a performance.
Rung via Facebook Messenger.
The following principles are rung for the first time (each section contains 24 true changes):
I'd Do Anything For Love: 14x14x34x14x34x14x14x14x12x14.34x14x34 (2341)
The Chain: 14x14x12x14x12x14x14x14x34x14.12x14x12 (4123)
It Just Won't Quit: 34x34.14x14.12x12.14x34x14.34x34.14x14x12x12 (2341)
Don't Stop: 12x12.14x14.12x12.14x12x14.34x34.14x14x34x34 (4123)
Out Of The Frying Pan: 34x34.14x14.34x34.14x34x14.12x12.14x14.12x12x (2341)
Never Going Back Again: 34x34.14x14.34x34.14x12x14.12x12.14x14x12x12 (4123)
Everything Louder Than Everything Else: x14.34x34.14.12x14.12x12.14x14x12x14x34x14.12 (3421)
Rattlesnake Shake: x14.34x34.14.12x14.12x12.14x14x12x14x34x14.34 (4312)
Back Into Hell: x12x14. (3421)
Monday Morning: x12x14. (4312)
Dead Ringer For Love: x14.12x12.14.34x14.34x34.14x14x34x14x12x14.12 (3421)
Sentimental Lady: x14.12x12.14.34x14.34x34.14x14x34x14x12x14.34 (4312)
Blind As A Bat: x34x14x14.34x34.14x12x14.12x12.14x14.12x12.34 (3142)
Hold Me: x34x14x14.34x34.14x34x14.12x12.14x14.12x12.34 (2413)
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad: x12x14x14.12x12.14x34x14.34x34.14x14.34x34.12
Station Man: x34x14x14.12x12.14x34x14.34x34.14x14.12x12.34 (2413)
Where Angels Sing: x12x14x34x14. (3142)
Sad Angel: x12x14x12x14. (2413)
Original Sin: 34x34.14x14.12x12.14x34x14.34x34.14x14.12x12x (2341)
Say You Will: 34x34.14x14.12x12.14x12x14.34x34.14x14.12x12x (4123)

This performance is linked to the event Geoff & Lynn's Adventures in Minimus .