St Denys
Tuesday, 12 March 1968 in 2h 42 (11 in A♭)
5040 Minor (37m)
37m: (1) Single Oxford, Double and Plain Bob; (2) St Clement's, Childwall, Buxton, Double Oxford, Thelwall and Pinehurst Bob; (3) Beighton, Redcar, Pattiswick, Appleby, Terling and Hatfield Surprise; (4) Luton, Ripley, Broomfield, Rhyl, Fyfield and Thorne Surprise; (5) Sandal, London Scholars' Pleasure, Kingston, Capel and Oxford Treble Bob; (6) Cambridge, Primrose, Ipswich, Norfolk, Bourne, Hull and Keston Surprise; (7) York, Durham, Beverley and Surfleet Surprise
1 Richard J Wilsher
2 P Gerald Mcllhone
3 Stephen F Royal
4 Peter H Mackie
5 John R Leary
6 Jeremy R Pratt
Conducted by all members of the band (one extent each) and one extent rung non-conducted.
Most methods to a peal: 4, 5, 6.
Most methods to a peal for the Society.
Rung as a birthday compliment to Jeremy R Pratt