Oxford University Society
St Leonard and St James
Wednesday, 16 December 1959 in 2h 31 (8–1–13 in A♭)
5040 Doubles (60m)
60m: 2 extents each of (1) Reverse St Osmund and Reverse St Vedast; (2) Rev St Remigius and Rev St Vedast; (3) Rev St Martin and Rev Huntspill; (4) Rev Winchendon and Rev Huntspill; (5) Rev St Simon and Rev New Bob; (6) Rev St Nicholas and Rev New Bob; (7) St Simon's, Slapton, Rugby, St Martin's, Merton, St Osmund; (8) New Bob, Oakley, Itchingfield, Huntspill, Chipstead, St Vedast; (9) Westminster, Broughton, Chesham, Blackburn, Ockham, St Hilary; (10) St Nicholas, Thornborough, Longford, Winchendon, Hascombe, St Remigius; (11) Rev Union, Boveney, Belfont, Rev St Faith, Eton, Rev St Julian; (12) St Simon's, Braywood, Welford, St Martin's, Longworth, St Osmund; (13) New Bob, Forncett, Ellingham, Huntspill, Bedingham, St Vedast; (14) Westminster, Knapton, Lyng, Blackburn, Intwood, Hilary; (15) St Nicholas, Fundenhall, Haddiscoe, Winchendon, Harpley, St Remigius; (16) Plain Bob and Candlesby; (17) Plain Bob and Boxford; (18) Rev Canterbury Pleasure and Raveningham; (19) Rev Canterbury Pleasure and Dorton; (20) Shipway's Place and Colnbrook; (21) Shipway's Place and Tandridge
1 Jeremy A Salter
2 Robin J Elliot (C)
3 John G Pusey
4 Andrew N Stubbs
5 James H Pailing
6 David T Darby
First peal of Doubles: 1, 2, 3, 5. First as conductor.
First in 60 methods by the band, on the bells, and for the Society