St Mary the Blessed Virgin
Saturday, 8 November 1958 in 2h 45 (13–0–14 in G)
5040 Spliced Doubles (88m)
Being 42 extents in 88 methods, viz.: Reverse St. Simon’s, Union, Uffington and Reverse St. Nicholas, Reverse St. Simon’s, Reverse New and St. Alphage; Reverse St. Osmund, St. Julian, Datchet and Reverse St. Remigius; St. Gregory, Reverse St. Vedast and Reverse St. Osmund; Reverse St. Martin’s, St. Faith, Stowe Place and Reverse Winchendon; St. Andrew’s Place, Reverse Huntspill and Reverse St. Martin’s ; Canterbury, Reverse Bob, Reverse Shipway, Reverse All Saints, St. Bartholomew and St. Sebastian; Coxwell, Stedman S.C., Reverse Bob and St. Botolph; Shepperton Alliance, Stanwell, Kempton and Hanworth Little Bob; Chalvey Alliance, Clewer, Spital and Dedworth Little- Bob; Horton Alliance, Hampton, Ickenham and Northolt Little Bob; Astleham Alliance, Ashford, Twyford and Greenford Little Bo b ; New Bob and Itchingfield; Forncett and New Bob; St. Vedast and Chipstead; Bedingham and St. Vedast; Huntspill and Oakley; Ellingham and Huntspill; Shipway and Tandridge; Colnbrook and Shipway; Westminster II and Chesham; Knapton and Westminster I I ; St. Hilary and Ockham; Intwood and St. Hilary; Blackburn and Broughton; Lyng and Blackburn; Reverse Canterbury and Dorton; Raveningham and Reverse Canterbury; St. Nicholas and Longford; Fundenhall and St. Nicholas; St. Remigius and Hascombe; Harpley and St. Remigius; Winchendon and Thornborough; Haddiscoe and Winchendon; Plain Bob and Boxford; Candlesby and Plain Bob; St. Simon’s and Rugby; Braywood and St. Simon’s ; St. Osmund’s and Merton; Longworth and St. Osmund’s ; St. Martin’s and Slapton; Welford and St. Martin’s ; 340 changes of methods and no bobs used.
1 Monica M Blagrove
2 Malcolm S Cloke
3 William Butler
4 Michael Hatchett
5 Frank T Blagrove (C)
6 Allen D Rivers
The greatest number of regular individual plain course Doubles methods yet rung to a peal.
Rung on the eve of Remembrance Sunday.
RW 1958 p755