Ringing Room, UK
Wednesday, 30 December 2020 in 2h 55
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (23m)
224 each Ashtead, Bristol, Cambridge, Cassiobury, Cray, Cornwall, Double Dublin, Glasgow, Ipswich, Jersey, Lincolnshire, Lindum, London, Preston, Pudsey, Rutland, Superlative, Tavistock, Uxbridge, Watford, Wembley, Whalley and Yorkshire; 160 changes of method, all the work.
1–2 David J Pipe
3–4 Philip J Earis
5–6 David C Brown
7–8 Julian O Howes (C)
First eight-bell 'handbell' peal on the platform.
The ringers of 1-2 and 3-4 have now circled this compostion to all four pairs, and are believed to be the first people to do so.
To celebrate the approval of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine this morning.
Rung with simulated sound and keyboard input.