Kington & Presteigne, Herefordshire & Powys
Tuesday, 22 December 2020 (10 in F♯)
1296 Treble Place Minimus (9m)
2 courses each of Nutty Crunch TP, Crunchy Nut TP, Double Nut TP, Double Crunch TP, Marathon TP, Snickers TP, Topic TP, Mr Goodbar TP, Oh Henry! TP.
1–2 Geoff Cowling
3–4 Lynn Scales (C)
For Christmas.
Rung via Facebook Messenger from two locations 6 miles apart, one in Tier 1 the other in Lockdown.
First QP on this set of bells after Geoff had refurbished the clappers.
The following Treble Place methods are rung for the first time
Crunchy Nut TP 12.14x14.,14
Double Nut TP,12
Double Crunch TP 12.14x14.,12
Marathon TP 14.12x14.,12
Snickers TP 14.12x14.,14
Topic TP 12.14x14.,14
Oh Henry! TP 12.14x14.,14
Mr Goodbar TP 14.12x14.,12

This performance is linked to the event Geoff & Lynn's Adventures in Minimus .