Ringing Room
The Lair of the Snow Tiger
Saturday, 19 December 2020 in 52m
1260 Spliced Triples and Major (2m)
672 Rapid Wrap, 588 Stedman Triples; 14 COM. Contains 8 wraps each of rounds, back rounds, Queens and Tittums.
1 Janet Archibald (C)
2 Mark B Davies
3 Christopher J Poole
4 Alex F Byrne
5 James P Ramsbottom
6 William T Bosworth
7 Cara A L Capewell
8 Penelope J V Sharpe
First in method:
Rapid Wrap = 23456781
This method rung to a quarter-peal and officially named, 23 years after its creation.
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