Kington & Presteigne, Herefordshire & Powys
Thursday, 3 December 2020 (12 in A♯)
1266 Minimus (29m)
1: Nutty Crunch TP. 2: Reverse Furan A, Reverse Bastow Little B. 3: Stanway A, Parsley A. 4: Barton Little B, Countryside A. 5: Reverse Nova TP. 6: Swirling Vortex of Doom TP. 7: Quesadilla A, R Quesadilla A. 8: X-Border TP. 9: Nova TP. 10: Secondo TP. 11: Pyridine A, Reverse Pyridine A. 12: Furan A, Bastow Little B. 13: Xylene A, Reverse Xylene A. 14: Marston-on-Dove A, Reverse Marston-on-Dove A. 15: I Can't Believe Its Not Bolux Triple TB. 16: Benzene TB. 17: Anthracene TP. 18: Bange TP. 19: Charwelton TP. 20: Guilsfield TB. 21: Double Bob.
1–2 Geoff Cowling
3–4 Lynn Scales (C)
25th Handbell QP: 3-4.
Rung after a restart caused by the clapper of the second landing on Geoff's shoulder.
Rung via Facebook Messenger.
Every method has a different path for the hunt bell, including 3 blocks where the 2nd is in the hunt. A total of 10 lead lengths were used, including two methods with lead length 7. A full course of each method was rung.
The following methods are rung for the first time:
Benzene Treble Bob xxxxx14xxxxx34,12
Furan Alliance x14x34x34,12
Reverse Furan Alliance x12x14x34,12
Quesadilla Alliance x14.34x34.34,12
Reverse Quesadilla Alliance 12x12.14x34,12
Nova Treble Place 12x12.14x34x34,12
Reverse Nova Treble Place x12x14.34x34.34,12
Swirling Vortex of Doom Treble Place x12x14x34x34,12
Anthracene Treble Place xxxxx14x34x34x34,12
Pyridine Alliance x14x34x34x34,12
Reverse Pyridine Alliance x12x12x14x34,12
Xylene Alliance xxx14xxxxx34,12
Reverse Xylene Alliance xxxxx14xxx34,12
Nutty Crunch Treble Place,12
I Can't Believe Its Not Bolux Triple Treble Bob x34x34x34x14x12x12x12x14,14

This performance is linked to the event Geoff & Lynn's Adventures in Minimus .