Kington & Presteigne, Herefordshire & Powys
Tuesday, 24 November 2020 (10 in F)
1296 Treble Place Minimus (110m)
24 changes X-Border; 16 changes each Bittern, Chêne-en-Semine, Chevrier, Collonges, Curlew, Dipper, Falcon, Finch, Fruitière, Goose, Grebe, Grouse, Hawfinch, Jessie, Lark, Moonlight, Moorhen, Nightingale, Orange Circus, Peewit, Pheasant, Plover, Prévy, Reverse Chêne-en-semine, Reverse Chevrier, Reverse Collonges, Reverse Fruitière, Reverse Holme Marsh, Reverse Jessie, Reverse Lyonshall, Reverse Moonlight, Reverse Moorcot, Reverse Nutfield, Reverse Orange Circus, Reverse Prévy, Reverse Scottsdale, Reverse Seyssel, Reverse Spond, Reverse Vanzy, Reverse Westonbury, Reverse Woonton, Reverse Yazor, Sandpiper, Seyssel, Swift, Thrush, Vanzy, Wagtail, Warbler, Waxwing; 8 changes each Arcine, Bange, Bassy, Beauchâtel, Bonneguête, Challonges, Chamoux, Chancy, Chaumont, Chessenaz, Clarafond, Clermont, Crempigny, Designy, Droisy, Eider, Éloise, Épanezey, Franclens, Gull, La Joux, Le Crêt, Le Malpas, Les Baraques, Loblaz, Pintail, Reverse Arcine, Reverse Bassy, Reverse Beauchâtel, Reverse Bonneguête, Reverse Challonges, Reverse Chamoux, Reverse Chancy, Reverse Chaumont, Reverse Chessenaz, Reverse Clarafond, Reverse Clermont, Reverse Crempigny, Reverse Designy, Reverse Droisy, Reverse Éloise, Reverse Épanezey, Reverse Franclens, Reverse La Joux, Reverse Le Crêt, Reverse Le Malpas, Reverse Les Baraques, Reverse Loblaz, Reverse Traînant, Reverse Usinens, Reverse Valleiry, Reverse Vovray, Reverse Vulbens, Secondo, Traînant, Usinens, Valleiry, Vovray, Vulbens; 129 com.
1–2 Geoff Cowling
3–4 Lynn Scales (C)
Contains 5 different treble paths, including 4 blocks where the 2nd is in the hunt. Rung via Facebook Messenger.
The following Treble Place methods are rung for the first time:
Arcine 34xx14.34x34.34,12
Bange xxx14.34x34.34,12
Bassy 34.34x14.34x34.34,12
Bittern 34xx14.34x14.34,12
Bonneguête 34x34.,14
Challonges x34.34.14.34x34.34,12
Chamoux 34xx14.34x14.14,14
Chancy 34xx14.34x34.14,14
Chaumont xx34.14.34x14.34,14
Chêne-en-Semine x34x14.34x34.34,12
Chessenaz 34xx14.,12
Chevrier x34x14.34x34.14,14
Clarafond xx34.14.34x34.34,12
Clermont 34x34.14.34x34.34,14
Collonges x34x14.34x14.34,14
Crempigny 34.34x14.34x34.34,14
Curlew 34xx14.34x34.14,12
Designy 34.34x14.,12
Dipper xx34.14.34x34.14,12
Droisy 34.34x14.,14
Eider 12x12.,12
Éloise xxx14.,12
Épanezey xx34.,14
Falcon x34x14.34x14.34,12
Finch x34.34.14.34x14.34,12
Franclens xx34.,12
Fruitière x34x14.,12
Goose x34.,12
Grebe 34x34.,14
Grouse 34x34.,12
Hawfinch 34.34x14.34x14.34,12
La Joux xx34.14.34x34.14,14
Lark 34x34.14.34x14.34,12
Le Crêt xx34.14.34x14.14,14
Le Malpas xx34.,14
Les Baraques 34xx14.,14
Loblaz 34xx14.,14
Moorhen x34.,14
Orange Circus xxx14x14.12.34,14
Peewit x34.34.14.34x14.14,14
Pheasant 34.34x14.,12
Plover 34.34x14.,14
Prévy x34x14.34x14.14,14
Reverse Arcine 12x12.14xx12.34,12
Reverse Bassy 12x12.14x12.12.34,12
Reverse Beauchâtel 12x12.,12
Reverse Bonneguête,12
Reverse Challonges 12x12.14.12.12x34,12
Reverse Chamoux 14x12.14xx12.14,14
Reverse Chancy 12x12.14xx12.14,14
Reverse Chaumont 14x12.14.12xx14,12
Reverse Chêne-en-Semine 12x12.14x12x34,12
Reverse Chessenaz,12
Reverse Chevrier 12x12.14x12x14,14
Reverse Clarafond 12x12.14.12xx34,12
Reverse Clermont 12x12.14.12x12.14,12
Reverse Collonges 14x12.14x12x14,12
Reverse Crempigny 12x12.14x12.12.14,12
Reverse Designy,12
Reverse Droisy,12
Reverse Éloise,12
Reverse Épanezey,14
Reverse Franclens,12
Reverse Fruitière,12
Reverse Holme Marsh 34.14x14.,12
Reverse Jessie x14x14xxx14,12
Reverse La Joux 12x12.14.12xx14,14
Reverse Le Crêt 14x12.14.12xx14,14
Reverse Le Malpas,12
Reverse Les Baraques,14
Reverse Loblaz,12
Reverse Lyonshall x14x14.12.12x14,12
Reverse Moonlight x14x14.,12
Reverse Moorcot 34.14x14.12.12x14,12
Reverse Nutfield 34.14x14.12x12.14,12
Reverse Orange Circus 34.14x14xxx14,12
Reverse Prévy 14x12.14x12x14,14
Reverse Scottsdale 34.14x14.12xx14,12
Reverse Seyssel 12x12.14.12.12x14,12
Reverse Spond x14x14.12xx14,12
Reverse Traînant,12
Reverse Usinens,12
Reverse Valleiry,14
Reverse Vanzy 12x12.14.12x12.34,12
Reverse Vovray 14x12.14xx12.14,12
Reverse Vulbens,14
Reverse Westonbury 34.14x14x12.12.14,12
Reverse Woonton x14x14x12.12.14,12
Reverse Yazor x14x14.12x12.14,12
Sandpiper x34x14.34x34.14,12
Seyssel x34.34.14.34x34.34,14
Swift xx34.14.34x14.34,12
Thrush 34.34x14.34x34.14,12
Usinens x34.,12
Valleiry xx34.,14
Vanzy 34x34.14.34x34.34,12
Vovray 34xx14.34x14.34,14
Vulbens 34xx14.,14
Wagtail 34x34.14.34x14.14,14
Warbler 34.34x14.34x14.14,14
Waxwing x34.34.14.34x34.14,12

This performance is linked to the event Geoff & Lynn's Adventures in Minimus .

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