St Oswald
Thursday, 10 May 1951 in 2h 33 (5–1–24 in C)
5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (14m)
Being seven spliced extents, viz.: (1) Cambridge and Ipswich, (2) Carlisle and Northumberland, (3) Alnwick and Newcastle, (4) Chester and Munden, (5) London and Wells, (6 ) York and Durham, (7) Beverley and Surfleet.
1 Charles B Pemberton
2 James M Pemberton
3 Alfred W Cusick
4 A Trevor Sutton
5 Stanley D Sutton (C)
6 Arthur K Humphreys
First peal of Spliced: 2, 4 & 5
First peal of Spliced Minor: 3
First peal of Spliced Minor away from the treble: 6
First peal as conductor.
A 78th birthday compliment to Mrs. M. Pemberton, grandmother of treble and 2nd ringers.
Also a farewell peal to J. M. Pemberton, leaving to join H.M. Forces.