Ringing Room, UK
Saturday, 31 October 2020 in 70m
1320 Little Bob Maximus
1–2 Lindsay Powell (Oxford)
3–4 Jonathan C Mills (Oxford)
5–6 David L Thomas (Abingdon, Oxon) (C)
7–8 Craig M Robertson (Dunfermline, Fife)
9–10 Samuel M Senior (Southampton)
11–12 Michele Winter (Oxford)
First on 12: 1-2.
First of Maximus not on his own tapping the sides of bells: 9-10.
First on 12 in 'hand' for the rest.
First Maximus as conductor.
Scored on first attempt.
Rung as an engagement compliment to Matthew Grant and Anna Jones.

This performance is linked to the event Badgers Handbell Ringers .

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