Bacton, Suffolk
2 Pretyman Avenue
Sunday, 9 January 2005 in 1h 27 (12 in F)
5040 Surprise Minor (94m)
(1-2) Loch Awe, Bacton, Balmoral Castle, Loch Beag, Cawdor Castle, Loch Cam, Doune Castle, Loch Dearg, Edinburgh Castle, Loch Earn, Fyvie Castle, Loch Fyne (3-4) Clayton West, Armstrong, Swindon Village, Bacton Bull, Vowchurch, Whichford, North Uist, Willingham, South Uist, Unst, Superlative, Bressay, Pabbay (North), Nailsea, Barra, High Halden, Wandsworth, Betjeman, Brixton, Fair Isle, West Monkton, Isle of Noss, Emergency, College Bob III, Eagle, Stoneleigh, Northbourne, Battle of Hastings, Stanton-on-the-Wolds, Plumtree, Owthorpe, Nativity, Radford, Christmas Morning, South Weald, Thorney, Kigull, Hockerton, Happisburgh, Binsted (5-6) Sedlescombe, Luton, Royal Bob, Longdon, Averham, Gruzzles, Ripple, Terling, Beighton, Cambridge, Appleby, Coverleigh, Hatfield, Eastwood, Beverley, Steamboat Springs, Finningham, Ashchurch, Wyverstone, Woolfardisworthy, Maisemore, Archy Styrigg, King's Bromley, Everton, Collingham, Edwinstowe, Venta Silurum, Isca Dumnoniorum, Isca Silurum, Kilvington, North Wheatley, Stapleford, Mys Whevrer, Needham Market, Elmswell, Bangor, Grantham, Sleaford, Osea, Munden, Netherwood (7) Norwich
Composed by (1-6) arr Highlander (7) Traditional
1–2 Cherril C Thompson
3–4 Andrew J W Tibbetts (C)
5–6 Jeremy W Spiller
The following methods are rung and named for the first time:
Loch Awe S: -34-14-1256-1236-14-56 (l.h.12 142563)
Bacton S: G -34-14-1256-36-12-56 (l.h.12 135264)
Balmoral Castle Differential S: -34-14-1256-36-14-56 (l.h.14 145362)
Loch Beag S: K -36-14-1256-1236-14-56 (l.h.12 142635)
Cawdor Castle S: -36-14-1256-36-12-56 (l.h.14 146325)
Loch Cam S: -36-14-1256-36-14-56 (l.h.12 136245)
Doune Castle S: -36-1456-1256-1236-14-56 (l.h.16 134625)
Loch Dearg S: -36-1456-1256-36-12-56 (l.h.12 165324)
Edinburgh Castle S: H -36-1456-1256-36-14-56 (l.h.12 156342)
Loch Earn S: H 34-36.14-1256-1236-14-56 (l.h.12 156342)
Fyvie Castle S: 34-36.14-1256-36-12-56 (l.h.16 134625)
Loch Fyne S: 34-36.14-1256-36-14-56 (l.h.12 165324)
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911