National Cathedral Church of St Patrick
Monday, 1 August 1927 in 3h 55 (45–1–18 in C)
5011 Stedman Cinques
Composed by Gabriel Lindoff
1 Gabriel Lindoff (C)
2 Edith K Parker
3 Thomas Hammond
4 George R Pye
5 John E Bibby
6 William H Fussell
7 Frank Bennett
8 George W Fletcher
9 Harry Chapman
10 Edward Jenkins
11 James H Riding
12 James H Shepherd
This is the first peal of Stedman Cinques rung out of England. The eleven heaviest bells were the gift of Lord Iveagh in 1899, two trebles being added in 1909 by R. R. Cherry, Esq.
RW 1927 p502