Australian & New Zealand Association
St Andrew
Sunday, 13 September 2020 in 34m (4–1–12)
1260 Singles (1p/2m)
Rung on bells 1, 3 and 6, as 252 Original,504 Plain Bob and 504 Reverse Bob in 8 blocks of 5 each plus additional block of 2 each.
1 Margaret Weatherby (C)
2 Julia Stewart
3 Robert Weatherby Snr
First QP for Sunday Service Ringing during COVID-19 restrictions.
Also to celebrate;
1. negative COVID-19 test this week of the son of ringers 1 and 3,
2. The news that the daughter of ringer 2, Anthea and son in law Michael and her 4 grandchildren are moving close by next year.
3. 51st Wedding Anniversary to Carolyn and Don Ford for last week. Mother and Father of our Rector.
For 2 first QP ringing Reverse Bob and first inside changing singles methods