Saint Andrew's and All Saints Society
St Andrew' Church
Saturday, 15 August 2020 in 38m (2–3–5)
1350 Erin Singles
(75 courses of Erin for the 75th anniversary of VJ Day. Rung on the front three bells 1,2,3)
1–2 Christopher C P Woodcock (C)
3 Yvonne A Woodcock
Rung to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, to celebrate and give thanks for the end of the Second World War. Also remembering all those who lost their lives during WWII, the prisoners of war and all those who answered the call to fight for King & Country - bringing us Victory, Peace and Freedom.
This quarter was rung on the front three bells 'The Keltek Trust Three' immediately following the national two minutes silence. Remembering Derek Arthur Neill of this parish who was killed during WWII in 1944.
Also remembering Ron Applewhite, former local ringer who sadly passed away aged 100 at the end of May this year. Ron was fighting out in Burma on VE Day 1945. We as a family wish to remember Charles Thomas Rodgers, the conductor’s grandfather, the tenor ringers father, who survived WWII, his brother Walter Edward Rodgers, the conductor’s great uncle, the tenor ringers uncle, who was a prisoner of war in Burma and his brother Samuel Rodgers, the conductor’s great uncle, the tenor ringers uncle, who was sadly killed 10th June 1940 when HMS Glorious was sunk.
First Quarter Peal rung full circle on Church Bells in Lincolnshire since 20th March 2020. Coincidentally the Quarter rung on 20th March 2020 was also of Singles rung at Hemingby.
First quarter in the method for all.
The ringing took place by two members of family who live in the same household with social distancing observed and all the ringers wearing face coverings.
(No. 465) (Rung also for the Lincoln Diocesan Guild)

This performance is linked to the event VJ Day - 75th Anniversary .

This performance was rung in memoriam In memoriam — Ron Applewhite .

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