North American Guild
Ringing Room, USA
Saturday, 29 August 2020 in 50m
1344 Spliced Surprise Major (6m)
Contains 224 Glasgow, Newcastle, Newlyn, Northampton, Sonning, Willesden; 41 com; atw.
1–2 Cally D Perry (Foxborough, MA)
3 Michael R Harrison (Brooklyn, NY)
4 Timothy J Barnes (Chatham, NJ)
5 Donald F Morrison (Pittsburgh, PA)
6 Elaine M Hansen (Foxborough, MA)
7 Kira R Chase (NYC) (C)
8 Beth Sinclair (Bethesda, MD)
First spliced on Ringing Room in the United States.
First spliced as conductor.
Disclosures: key presses & simulated sound.
Home of the world's finest bells