Sussex County Association
Fairwarp, East Sussex
Christ Church (Churchyard)
Friday, 31 July 2020 in 1h 59 (15 in C)
5040 Spliced Doubles (126m)
40 Abbey Place, All Hallows Place, Armitage New Bob, Armston Place, Bampton Place, Barnwell Place, Bedfont Bob, Bedingham Bob, Bilborough Place, Blackburn Place, Blaisdon Bob, Blatherwycke Place, Blisworth Bob, Boveney Place, Braunston Place, Braywood Bob, Brecon Place, Broughton Place, Caernarvonshire Bob, Callender Bob, Cardiganshire Bob, Casthorpe Place, Caunton Bob, Chesham Bob, Chevasse Place, Chipstead Bob, Clopton Bob, Coxwell Place, Crick Place, Deenethorpe Bob, Denbighshire Place, Dragon Place, Dudley Bob, Eaglethorpe Bob, Ellingham Bob, Eton Place, Eynesbury Bob, Fifield Bob, Flintshire Place, Forncett Bob, Fundenhall Bob, Glamorgan Place, Haddiscoe Place, Harecastle Place, Harpley Bob, Hascombe Place, Herefordshire Bob, Hertfordshire Bob, Huntingdonshire Slow Bob, Huntley Place, Huntspill Bob, Husbands Bosworth Bob, Intwood Bob, Itchingfield Slow Bob, Kent Bob, Knapton Bob, Lancashire Bob, Leicestershire Slow Bob, Lincolnshire Bob, Londonthorpe Bob, Longford Bob, Longworth Bob, Luddington in the Brook Bob, Lyng Place, Maltby Bob, Manthorpe Bob, Merionethshire Bob, Merton Bob, Monmouthshire Place, Montgomeryshire Place, Netherton Place, New Bob, North Cerney Place, Northamptonshire Bob, Northumberland Bob, Norwell Place, Nottinghamshire Bob, Nunthorpe Place, Oakley Bob, Ockham Place, Ossington Place, Oxfordshire Slow Bob, Pembrokeshire Place, Radnorshire Place, Rugby Bob, Rutland Bob, Saddington Place, Screveton Bob, Shelford Bob, Shortwood Place, Shrewley Bob, Shropshire Bob, Somerset Slow Bob, Southwick Place, St Bartholomew's Bob, St Botolph Place, St Hilary Bob, St Martin's Bob, St Nicholas Bob, St Osmund Bob, St Ouen Place, St Remigius Bob, St Sebastian Bob, St Simon's Bob, St Vedast Bob, Staffordshire Bob, Stedman Bob, Strelley Place, Suffolk Place, Surrey Place, Sussex Place, Sutton-upon-Trent Bob, Tardebigge Place, Thornborough Place, Thorpe Waterville Place, Thurning Place, Twineham Bob, Warwickshire Bob, Welford Bob, Westminster II Bob, Westmorland Place, Wigsthorpe Bob, Wiltshire Bob, Winchendon Place, Worcestershire Place, Yorkshire Place; 503 com; atw.
1–2 Michael R A Shaw
3–4 Stephen J Beckingham (C)
5–6 Chris M Shaw
The greatest number of methods rung to a standard length atw peal of Doubles.
Most methods for all and for the Association.
First peal on the bells.
Rung in affectionate memory of Les Baldock, of St Mary's Eastbourne, who passed away yesterday.
Church Bellhangers of Distinction