Ringing Room, USA
Saturday, 4 July 2020
192 Spliced Surprise Major (6m)
32 each: Glasgow, Newcastle, Willesden, Malpas, Sonning, Newlyn. 5 com.
1–2 Kira R Chase (NYC) (C)
3–4 Cally D Perry (Foxborough, MA)
5 Beth Sinclair (Washington DC)
6 Timothy J Barnes (Chatham, New Jersey)
7–8 Elaine M Hansen (Foxborough, MA)
Rung as the last part to finish an atw QP after a band member had to leave early.
(1) Did not start in rounds; started at lead head: 18765432. Finished in rounds.
(2) Simulated sound.
(3) Keyboard presses.
(4) Lots of swearing. (Mainly by those ringing two bells.)
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