Guild of St CuileƔin
Bristol, Bristol
55 St Martin's Road
Saturday, 20 June 2020 in 1h 57 (11 in G)
5040 Treble Dodging Minor (7m)
1) British Scholars' Pleasure Treble Bob; 2) Morpeth Surprise; 3) Norfolk Surprise; 4) Chester Surprise; 5) College Exercise Treble Bob; 6) Cambridge Surprise; 7) Norwich Surprise.
1–2 George M Salter
3–4 Philip J Earis
5–6 Julian O Howes (C)
The seven pseudo-double methods from the 147.
Marking the end of the conductor's final year exams for an MSci in Physics at the University of Bristol.
The oldest Bellhanging Company in the UK combining Modern Technology with Traditional Craftsmanship