Saint Andrew's and All Saints Society
The Conifers, Barff Road
Sunday, 24 May 2020 in 39m (8)
1272 Minimus (2m)
(Tapped on handbells (tenor: 8 in C) - 27 exts Double Bob Minimus with cover & 26 exts Plain Bob Minimus with cover.)
1–2–3–4–5 Christopher C P Woodcock
Tapped on handbells in fond memory of our dear friend and former local ringer RON APPLEWHITE who sadly passed away on Friday, 22nd May at the grand old age of 100!
Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter Audrey and the rest of the family at this difficult time.
I know that all of the members of the local band will want to be associated with this quarter, especially Yvonne Woodcock, Janet Risdale, Ray Cucksey, Graham Whittaker & Sue Waterfall.
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to do any proper tower bell ringing in memory of Ron, however permission was granted last night for the traditional Death Knell & Nine Tailors to be chimed / tolled on the tenor bell at the Parish Church at dusk as a mark of respect. We also laid flowers on 'his Molly's' grave in the Churchyard.
Ron was a big part of this village, living here all his married life and ringing at the local towers in this area for well over 80 years, he learnt in a neighbouring village back in October 1932 when he was 12. He was thrilled to see his beloved bells at Potterhanworth augmented from 3 to 6 and rehung on all new fittings back in 2004 as part of the village Millennium Project. He said he never thought he would ever live to see the day when Potter had a ring of six! They brought him much joy and pleasure being such light and easy going bells rung from ground floor meaning he could enjoy ringing them well into this 90’s.
He was also very proud to be made an Honorary Life Member of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild back in 2004.
Rest in Peace dear friend, now reunited with his beloved wife Molly.
(It just so happens that this quarter was tapped in the same place that Ron celebrated his 90th Birthday following the Quarter Peal of Single Oxford that he rang at Potter, when some 30 plus local ringers and friends gathered here for a surprise 90th birthday party for Ron - Happy Times, Happy Memories!)
(Rung also for the Lincoln Diocesan Guild)

This performance was rung in memoriamRon Applewhite.

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