Saint Andrew's and All Saints Society
The Conifers, Barff Road
Friday, 8 May 2020 in 28m (8)
750 Minimus and Doubles (1m/1p)
(Tapped on handbells (tenor: 8 in C) - 16 exts Plain Bob Minimus with cover, 6 changes Original Doubles, 15 exts Plain Bob Minimus with cover.)
1–2–3–4–5 Christopher C P Woodcock
Tapped on handbells out in the garden to celebrate the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day. Rung over 7pm for the 'Cry Out for Peace' followed by the 'Ringing Out for Peace' at the end of the Village's 'Stay at Home Street Party's'.
Remembering all those who lost their lives during WW2 and all those who answered the call to fight for King & Country - bringing us Victory, Peace and Freedom. But also remembering those out in the East Pacific where the war was not over and the fighting continued for another 3 months.
Especially remembering the wartime generation at this difficult time, many who are isolated and alone. You are not forgotten and we thank you!
I wish to associate Ron Applewhite (former local ringer aged 100) with this ringing. Ron was out in Burma still fighting on VE Day. Also remembering Iris Armstrong (former local ringer) who used to be very proud to tell us about her ringing around Windsor on VE Day.
(Other ringing related things which took place today in the village included the Church Clock striking 11am to signal the start of the national 2 minutes silence and the uploading on the village Facebook page of a short clip of bellringing from Potterhanworth so all villagers could at the very least hear their bells even if it was just a recording - virtual bells for the virtual time we seem to be living through at the moment).

This performance is linked to the event Central Council of Church Bell Ringers — Ringing Out for Peace VE Day 75th Anniversary .