St Nicolas
Monday, 10 November 1997 in 2h 25 (7–1–18 in B♭)
5040 Spliced Treble Bob Minor (29m)
(1-4) Kent, Berwyn, Waterford, Trinity Sunday, Killamarsh, Quantock, Snowden, Mendip, Chiltern, Cotswold, Oxford, Morning Star, Rochester, Burton, Duke of Norfolk, College Exercise, Ockley, Norbury, Sandal, London Scholars' Pleaasure, Capal and Kingston (Comp. P G C Ellis); (5-6) Chadkirk, Nelson, British Scholars' Pleasure and Woodcock's Victory (7) Pennine, Norton-le-Moors and Cheviot.
1 Clive Holloway
2 Brian Bladon
3 Anthony R Peake
4 Timothy G Pett
5 Peter G C Ellis (C)
6 Colin M Turner
This peal contains all the 29 regular Treble Bob Minor methods - the first time they have been arranged and rung together in a peal.