St Thomas the Martyr
Monday, 31 March 1997 in 3h 7 (11–2–6 in G)
5320 Spliced Surprise Royal (33m)
200 each Cotteridge, Filwood, Stinking Bishop, Sussex County, Wimborne; 160 each Cambridge, Cowesby, Dumfries, Edgeley, Fussell, Henleaze, Hobgoblin, Hugh Town, Kenninghall, Kintyre, Lincolnshire, Lochdubh, London No.3, Middlesex, Milner, Musselburgh, Phoside, Pudsey, Sabrena, Westminster, Wooton Rivers, Worcester, Y Ffenni, Yorkshire; 120 each Ashby, Bristol, Nobottle, Redcliffe; 132 com.
Composed by D G Hull
1 Andrew J Mitchell
2 Simon J L Linford
3 David G Hull (C)
4 Stephen J Mills
5 Andrew J Graham
6 Robin O Hall
7 Simon J Gay
8 Alex F Byrne
9 Michael P A Wilby
10 David J Pipe
An attempt to ring 11880 33-spliced all-the-work called round.
Umpires: Mark Regan and Julia Cater.
350th peal: 1.
Cotteridge a 30-30.14-12-30-14-50.36-16.70-16-70,12
Hugh Town j1 -30-14-50-16-70-18-56-1470-14-10,10
Lochdubh m -30-14-12.50.16-,10
Milner k1 -30-14-12-30.14-70.58.12-16.70-16.78.90,10
Sabrena j1 -30-14-12-30-14-30-1456-1250-1456-50,10
Stinking Bishop e -50-14.50.12-1230-14-50.36.12-70-38.16.30,12
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