Ruined Church of the Holy Trinity
Sunday, 4 July 1948 in 2h 53
5152 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by H Dains.
1 P Michael Freeman
2 Edgar R Rapley
3 Miss Joyce Gaymer
4 Miss Margaret Fidell
5 Alick Cutler
6 William T Beeson
7 Jack L Millhouse (C)
8 George E Fearn
First peal in the method: 3 & 4.
First peal in the method as conductor: 7.
First peal of Surprise on the bells.
[Ringing World No. 1947, Vol. XLIV, July 30, 1948, p314]
[One of 16 peals (13 tower and 3 handbell) rung in Devon for The Guild of Devonshire Ringers as part of a week-long tour, see also Ringing World No. 1947, p320.]