Reading, Berkshire
26 Redlands Road
Thursday, 16 April 2020 in 1h 17 (10 in A)
5184 Spliced Minimus (4m)
4 methods: 1440 each Glarsgow Alliance, Llonndonn Alliance; 1152 each Demi-Belfast Alliance, Demi-Bristol Alliance; 38 changes of method and all the work for all 4 bells.
1–2 Daniel J Page
3–4 Jack E Page (C)
First peal outside for all. Definitely not rung at the first attempt.
250th peal as conductor.
Demi-Belfast Alliance: 34xx14x12x34.12x14.34.14x12.34, le14
Glarsgow Alliance: x34x14x12x14.12x34.14, le14
Llonndonn Alliance: x34x14x12x34.12x14.14, le14
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