St Saviour
Monday, 16 March 2020 in 48m (7–1–20 in G)
1344 Preston Surprise Major
1 Stephanie Pattenden
2 Sheila Cheesman
3 Louise Booth
4 Linda Georgiades
5 Helen Porter
6 James White (C)
7 Edward Westlake
8 Jeremy Cheesman
Completes (for the ringer of the sixth) to quarter peals inside and as conductor the methods from Norman Smith’s peal of 23-spliced Surprise Major, all except the Standard Eight taking place at this tower on (mostly) third Mondays, the first (Uxbridge) being five years ago today.
Along the way we have rung twelve other Surprise or Delight Major Methods, including one newly composed, and six of Spliced Surprise Major. Only three methods have been duplicated, Glasgow, Belfast and Yorkshire (the last of these being the only one of the Standard Eight rung outside of Spliced).
The 37 quarter peals have involved 22 ringers. Of today’s band Jeremy and Sheila Cheesman have rung in 29, Linda Georgiades in 28, Helen Porter in 20, Stephanie Pattenden and Louise Booth in 16. Stephen Mitchell has rung in 25, Mary Gow in 20, John Manley in 18 and James Belshaw in 14. Matthew Webb, who called one of the quarter peals of Yorkshire, rang in 21 and was remembered with the second quarter peal of Yorkshire.
The last quarter peal for some of the band for a little while.