The Clunbury Clangers
St Swithin
Wednesday, 12 February 2020 (10–0–23 in A)
1260 Spliced Plain Minor (8m)
720 comprising Adrian Parry Bob, Double Oxford Bob, Wimbledon Bob, Coco The Cat Differential, Lambeth North Differential, Western Diamondback Bob, Twisted Flax Bob, Lagrange Bob with 40 com at the lead end and 20 com at the half-lead. 540 Double Oxford Bob.
1 Roger Webb
2 Helen Sharpe
3 Alex Sharpe
4 Lynn Scales (C)
5 Tony Greatrex
6 Richard Bracher
And we're off again!
The following methods are rung for the first time:
Western Diamondback Bob x14x36x1256, LE 1256
Twisted Flax Bob: x14x36x1256, LE 1234
Lagrange Bob: x14x36x3456, LE 1256