Society of Stowmarket Youths
Bacton, Stowmarket, Suffolk
2 Pretyman Avenue
Wednesday, 12 February 2020 in 1h 40 (16 in B)
5040 Treble Dodging Minor (23m)
7 extents: 1) Burslem Delight 2) Old Oxford Delight, College Bob IV Delight, Newdigate Delight, Willesden Delight 3) Lincoln S, Coldstream S, Redbourn S 4) London S, Wells S, Cunecastre S 5) Carlisle S, Chester S, Munden S 6) Westminster S, Allendale S, Fryerning S 7) Cambridge S, Primrose S, Bourne S, Hull S, Norfolk S and Ipswich S.
1–2 Cherril C Spiller
3–4 Jeremy W Spiller (C)
5–6 Louis P H Suggett
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