St Andrew
Monday, 27 January 2020 in 2h 32 (6–3–24)
5100 Doubles and Minor (4m)
(being: 1440 CENTENARY Treble Place Minor; 1440 APPLEWHITE Treble Place Minor; 1920 GRANDSIRE Doubles & 300 POTTERHANWORTH Bob Minor.)
1 Yvonne A Woodcock
2 Philip R Wild
3 Lynda M Lazzerini
4 Paul Sharp
5 Colin Aked
6 Christopher C P Woodcock (C)
Specially arranged and rung to celebrate the 100th birthday yesterday of Ron Applewhite (26th Jan).
Ron has close connections to this village. He was married here at St Andrew’s and lived most of his life in the village. He was a valued and loyal member of the local band and was a great support when the bells here were rehung and augmented in 2004.
Ron was made an Honorary Life member of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild in 2004 for his services to bell ringing in the Diocese, something he was very proud of.
He was also very proud to have rung quarter peals here on his 90th, 91st & 92nd Birthday’s and although the one for his 92nd turned out to be his last quarter peal he was still ringing with us at Potterhanworth & Branston on Sunday’s until he was 96 and even after that still takes a great interested in what ringing we were doing.
Methods specially chosen and the 1920 changes of Grandsire chosen to represent the year in which Ron was born.
250th peal together: 2 & 6.
50th peal together: 4 & 6.
200th peal: 4.
25th peal on the bells: 2.
The band wish to name the second method:
Applewhite Treble Place Minor
(Place Notation: X36X14XXX1236X1456X56-12)

This performance is linked to the event Saint Andrew's and All Saints Society — Ron Applewhite's 100th Birthday (26th Jan)

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