Coventry Diocesan Guild
St John the Baptist
Saturday, 30 November 2019 in 51m (14–0–14 in F)
1360 Wychbold Doubles, Plain Bob Doubles ,reverse Canterbury Doubles
40 Reverse Canterbury followed by 1080 Wychbold and 240 Plain Bob. 1320 with a plain course tagged on (just testing)
1 Catherine McLaren
2 Christopher W Tennant
3 Tracey B Newbold
4 John Newbold (C)
5 James Trewin
6 John S Martin
Rung to remember Wayne Thickett colleague of number 4 who passed away suddenly on 25/10/2019. And also Vera Griffiths, Nan of Number 3 and 4 who passed away on 22/10/2019 earlier that same week. May they rest in Peace, Amen.