Society of Cambridge Youths
University Church of St Mary the Great
Thursday, 28 November 2019 in 2h 55 (10–0–18 in G)
5040 Spliced Major (23m)
224 each Bristol, Cambridge, Cornwall, Deva, Double Dublin, Ealing, Ely, Glasgow, Jovium, Kenninghall, Lancashire, Lessness, London, Painswick, Rook and Gaskill, Superlative, Venusium, York, Yorkshire and Ytterbium Surprise, Cooktown Orchid and Mareham Delight; 112 Double Norwich Court Bob; 160 changes of method, all the work.
1 Phillip M Orme
2 June Mackay
3 Susan E Marsden
4 George Unsworth
5 Elizabeth A Orme
6 David J Pipe
7 Jonathan A Agg (C)
8 Richard A Smith
Rung in memory of Sir Stephen Cleobury.
First of 23-spliced, 8.