Oxford Society
St Thomas the Martyr
Tuesday, 15 October 2019 in 2h 45 (11–2–6 in G)
5040 Spliced Major (23m)
224 each Bristol S, Cambridge S, Cooktown Orchid D, Cornwall S, Deva S, Double Dublin S, Ealing S, Ely S, Glasgow S, Jovium S, Kenninghall S, Lancashire S, Lessness S, London S, Mareham D, Painswick S, Rook and Gaskill S, Superlative S, Venusium S, York S, Yorkshire S, Ytterbium S, 112 Double Norwich Court B; 160 com; atw.
1 Joanna E Knight
2 Simon A Bond (C)
3 Rebecca Gingell
4 J Chapman Knott
5 Dorothy G Hall
6 David C Ockwell
7 Jonathan Cresshull
8 Alan M Eyles
Most Spliced: 3 & 8.
Most Spliced Major: 7 and as Conductor.
First in these 23 methods for all except 5.
Best wishes to Catherine and Peter Hampson, spliced at the weekend.
Welcoming Holly Charlotte Brealey, niece to 7, born Wednesday.

This performance is linked to the event Cathy and Peter Wedding 12 Oct .