Lancashire Association
St Bartholomew
Friday, 30 August 2019 in 2h 38 (2–2–6 in F)
5040 False Minor
One extent each of Norwich Surprise, Bourne Surprise, Caithness Surprise, Dylan Thomas Surprise, Kelvinbridge Surprise, Cambridge Surprise, Primrose Surprise.
1 Nicola J Galton
2 Andrew W Gordon
3 Andrew J Holland
4 L Martin Daniels
5 Raymond A Hutchings
6 Kevin M Price (C)
100th peal of Seven Surprise Minor - 2
Remembering Kenneth Daniels, Martin's Father, who died on 30th August 2012).
Peal withdrawn:-
Dylan Thomas Surprise, Kelvinbridge Surprise are false in a 720.
This peal is believed to have been false.