Oxford Society
Magdalen College
Sunday, 11 August 2019 in 3h 16 (17–1–7 in E)
5040 Concrete Pigeon Surprise Royal
1 Jonathan Cresshull
2 Simon A Bond
3 Alan M Eyles
4 Robin O Hall (C)
5 Michael A Williams
6 Joanna E Knight
7 David C Ockwell
8 Mark D Tarrant
9 Jeremy R Pratt
10 Colin M Lee
Marking the 100th anniversary of a peal rung in this tower (which was then the first for 44 years) to commemorate the Peace after the First World War.
Circled the tower: 1, 5.
100th together: 2 & 4.
Concrete Pigeon: -3-4-2-23-4-3-2-3-4-9,2 b
The oldest Bellhanging Company in the UK combining Modern Technology with Traditional Craftsmanship