Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
New Alresford, Hampshire
Jubilee, New Farm Rd
Monday, 5 August 2019 in 2h 30 (12 in F)
5000 Spliced Plain Royal ( 22 Methods)
2380 Plain Bob; 240 Wellington Little Bob (We); 272 Burford Differential Little Bob (Bu); 200 each Cleatham Bob (Cl), Cleethorpes Bob (Ct), Double Bob, Reverse Bob; 160 Churchill Little Bob (Ch); 120 each Gainsborough Little Bob (Ga), Grimsby Little Bob (Gr), Marlborough Little Bob, Single Canterbury Pleasure Bob (Sca); 96 Wick Little Bob (Wi); 80 each Cambray Little Bob (Ca), Crayford Differential Little Bob (Cr), Lansdowne Little Bob (La), Little Bob; 60 each Single Church Hulme Bob (Sch), Single Hunslet Bob (H), Single Kirkgate Bob (K); 48 Jubilee Little Bob (Ju); 24 Bastow Little Bob (Ba); 217 com at lead-end, 15 com at half-lead
Arranged by Martin J E Daniels
1–2 John S Croft (C)
3–4 Ian M Redway
5–6 Martin J E Daniels
7–8 Alan D Elsmore
9–10 Maureen J Hanney
Most Royal methods on handbells for the band, and for the W & P.
1st peal in new methods:
Cambray Little Bob Royal -10.56.14 le10
Jubilee Little Bob Royal 34.10-10-10-18 le12
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