Surrey Association
Cathedral Church of St Saviour
Saturday, 25 February 2006 in 3h 45 (48cwt)
5007 Stedman Cinques
C H Rogers
1 Jane L Kostelnyk
2 Michael P Moreton
3 Louise C Palmer
4 Stephen J F Mitchell
5 Michael J Uphill
6 Christopher H Rogers (C)
7 Stephen A Coaker
8 Jason W Hughes
9 Hilary F C Small
10 Michael J Palmer
11 Christopher N McCarthy
12 Peter Valuks
Rung to mark the 40th anniversary of Michael Uphill's first peal on 12, Stedman Cinques at Southwark on 26th February 1966 with the same conductor. That peal was also the first on 12 for D Paul Smith, who rang the 48cwt tenor at the age of 17, and to whom the band send greetings. Louise Palmer, who rang excellently throughout, joins the select number whose first peal was of Stedman Cinques.
First peal: 3.