Oxford Society
St Thomas the Martyr
Monday, 8 July 2019 in 43m (11–2–6 in G)
1264 Spliced Major
21m: 416 Mareham D; 96 Ealing S; 64 Bristol S, Lessness S, London S, Superlative S, Venusium S; 32 Cambridge S, Cooktown Orchid D, Cornwall S, Deva S, Double Dublin S, Glasgow S, Jovium S, Kenninghall S, Lancashire S, Rook and Gaskill S, York S, Yorkshire S, Ytterbium S; 16 Double Norwich Court B; 29 com
Composed by S A Bond & D F Morrison
1 Robin O Hall
2 Jonathan Cresshull (C)
3 Joanna E Knight
4 Dorothy G Hall
5 J Chapman Knott
6 Rebecca Gingell
7 David C Ockwell
8 Alan M Eyles
Most Spliced: 6, 8 and as conductor
Most Spliced Major: 2