Ancient Society of College Youths
St James Garlickhythe, Garlick Hill
Saturday, 27 April 2019 in 2h 50 (9–1–25 in G♯)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (23 Methods)
224 each Abaia, Basilisk, Cerberus, Djinn, Ettin, Fenrir, Gorgon, Hydra, Incubus, Kraken, Lessness, Marshwiggle, Naiad, Ouroboros, Panserbjorn, Roc, Sphinx, Titan, Ungoliant, Valkyrie, Wyvern, Yeti and Zombie; 156 com, atw, eld.
1 Phillip M Orme
2 Elizabeth A Orme
3 Andrew J Graham
4 Thomas J Hinks
5 Graham M Bradshaw
6 Luke T W Smith
7 Jonathan A Agg
8 Alan G Reading (C)
Circled the tower as conductor.
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911