St Dunawd
Wednesday, 17 April 2019 (8½ in B♭)
1260 Doubles (1p, 4m, 1v)
(180 Stedman; 240 Grandsire; 240 Plain Bob; 240 St Martin's; 240 St Simon's; 120 April Day.)
1 Nicola J Galton
2 Denise A Hughes
3 Tim Hughes
4 J David Adams
5 Peter Neil (C)
A Mid-week Crisis Quarter. Rung as an expression of solidarity with the people of France following the catastrophic fire at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris on Monday 15 April. Rung after meeting short for Minor. First MWC quarter:3.

This performance is linked to the event Ringing for Notre-Dame .

Church Bellhangers of Distinction