Peterborough Diocesan Guild
St Michael and All Angels
Sunday, 7 April 2019 in 3h 14 (7–1–6 in G)
5760 Spliced Surprise Minor
41m: 240 each Durham, Sandiacre, Bourne, Bacup, Beverley, Annable’s London, Warkworth, 120 each Norwich, Rossendale, Stamford, Netherseale, Westminster, Lightfoot, Bamborough, Wearmouth, Allendale, Lincoln, Coldstream, Cunecastre, Northumberland, Wooler, Newcastle, Chester, Whitley, Alnwick, Munden, Carlisle, Morpeth, Canterbury, London, Wells, Kelso, Cambridge, Berwick, Hull, Surfleet, Hexham, York, Norfolk, Primrose, Ipswich; 239 changes of method, all the work.
1 Peter M Fleckney
2 Ruth Curtis
3 Paul M Mason
4 Richard I Allton (C)
5 Paul F Curtis
6 Ian Butters
Believed to be the first 41 all the work for the Guild.

This performance is linked to the event Peterborough Diocesan Guild — Paul's Northamptonshire Peal Week .