Ancient Society of College Youths
St Mary the Virgin
Thursday, 28 February 2019 in 3h 7 (23–3–23 in D)
5040 Stedman Triples
Composed by Arranged by John Pladdys (No 14)
1 A C John Davis
2 John Pladdys (C)
3 John H Napper
4 David Ralls
5 Nigel Thomson
6 Robert J Perry
7 Fergus M S Stracey
8 William P Carew
On the 50th anniversary of the conductor's first peal of Stedman Triples as conductor,rung at St John's,Erith on 28th Feb 1969.Nigel Thomson took part in the original peal,as did the other two surviving members of the band, Tim Pett and Maureen Carruthers (Hanney) who were unable to take part today.